Erlebnis-Rund ums Wasser Water experience in Switzerland – naturally in Goms, the mountain village

I am one among many. It is hard to tell us apart. Alone, I am weak. Put me in a team and we move mountains. I consists of millions of pieces but I do not change shape. My large version falls. My tiny version levitates. I am life even though if I have a different name. Watch out for me! I am a drop of water.

Goms water is more than a lifeline. Many a river, the Ticino, the Aare and the Reuss, and even a stream, the Rhône, have their source in the Goms mountains, lakes and glaciers. Goms looks after its water even though it seems to abound. For many local residents remember the times when the lack of water meant to be hungry.


Water and ice have been shaping the valley for millions of years and have made it the natural beauty it is today. Once water turns to snow, it becomes a blessing, which generates many jobs. Stored in lakes or pipes, water produced power to electrify whole civilisations. It can also be a curse when torrents or avalanches flood the valley.

Luckily, today water also means recreation and adventure. Be it snow sports, paddling on a lake or feeling the icy cold mountain water on your bare feet: Water is fun for young and old.