Lake Geschinen: Swimming pool and natural reserve all in one

I hover above it all. I see it all. I hunt above and below the water. I take different shapes but I am one creature. I change dramatically. If you see me, nature is intact. If I disappear, things could get bad. Try not to scare me away. I am a dragonfly.

If you asked guests what Goms was lacking in the past, you would often hear: “A lake!» A long-cherished dream became reality in 2000 when Lake Geschinen was constructed.


Four problems solved in one go: Part of the former military airfield was deconstructed. An almost forgotten marshland was revitalised and given back to nature. Construction material for an existential avalanche barrier was close by. And Goms got its long hoped for swimming opportunity.


The eastern part of the lake is a habitat for various marsh plants and wildlife. The lake feeds birds and insects. The western part of the mountain lake is used for swimming. Guests can relax on the lawn or the beach and there is a barbecue area with benches and tables. There is a footpath along the lakeside which is accessible for baby carriages and wheelchairs as well.