River rafting and Funyak on the Rhône

We shake you up. We rock the boat. We whirl and swirl. Dive in us and we disgorge you. Be warned, we are the rapids.


Fun and unique nature experience await you on the ride in rubber boats on the Rhône. The ride will take you from Oberwald to Gluringen over quiet patches as well as wild passages where everyone needs to pull together. You can simply enjoy the views or you can get active during exciting games. The expert guides will see to the right balance. By the way: The tour is also suitable for children!


The funjak is a water adventure for everyone who has water experience. Everyone will have a good time in these kajak-like dinghies. Travel the Rhône alone or in pairs under the supervision of your expert guides.

Garbely Adventure 
CH-3999 Oberwald  
T +41 27 973 25 75