Museums & exhibitions in the mountain village Goms – Take a look back

I conserve the past. I glance back at our ancestors. I turn back time to help me understand the present. I offer hands-on history. I offer nature experience. My art is amazing. Please enter. I am your museum.

The quaint Goms museums have a lot of exciting stories to tell. They invite you to explore the precious cultural heritage of the high valley in a genuine way.

The carefully selected and often privately owned collections host marvellous artefacts of past rural life: Precious crystals and minerals from the local mountains, the variety of local nature, sacred treasures and objects of bygone everyday life…

All museum can be visited daily on request. The museums in Oberwald offer visits joined with guided village tours.


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Station Ritz Niederwald


  • Life and work of the hotelier Caesar Ritz: life story, reconstruction of hotel rooms of the Hotel Ritz in Paris
  • Temporary exhibition with paintings by the draftsman, painter and sculptor Willi Dreesen

Guided tours on request

+41 27 971 02 02

Culture room


on request
Biderbost Cäsar 
+ 41 27 973 12 50
Minnig Herbert 
+41 27 973 17 02
- Bell Foundry
- Forging plant
- Mill
- Sawmill
- Büchhüs
Reckingen Self inspection
- For the corresponding buildings from the outside by
  a symbolic iron door
- In Cinema Sibir with the old legend thanks to
  various documentary films
  (always accessible)
Nepomuk Stall Münster 08 July - 14 August 2021 always on Thursdays and Saturdays from 17.30 - 19.00 Verein Kulturlandschaft Münster-Geschinen
Textile museum Münster see website Helga Jossen, Verein Rosengang
+41 79 220 57 53

Museum of religious art


On request for groups
or with a joined
guided village tours

Valentin Bacher
+41 27 973 16 24
Otto Biderbost's Spycherli Museum


On request

Rosalia Biderbost
+41 27 973 15 48

Korn- und Stadelmuseum
(Granary and Barn)


On request

Gemeindeverwaltung Obergoms
(communal administration)
+41 27 974 12 00

- Museum of Local
- Backhausmuseum
- Senntum-Museum
- Spychermuseum


On request

Verein Pro Historia
+41 27 973 31 02
+41 79 517 47 58

Ski Museum


On request

Toni Hischier,
+41 79 329 94 00