Table tennis – they have that, too, in the mountain village Goms

Granted. Not everyone becomes a table tennis crack overnight. For this sport does not only take fast feet and a quick eye. You also need incredible reflexes that only develop after years of training. The good news is that playing table tennis is not only fun for professionals but for beginners and casual players as well. Try it out and see for yourself.

Location, village


Playground at Wiler Bodmen in Blitzingen

Obergoms Tourismus, +41 27 974 68 68

Swimming pool , Reckingen Gemeinde Goms, +41 27 974 12 50
Recreational facility (EFAM), Münster

EFAM Münster, T +41 79 395 69 15

Sports hall, Oberwald Gemeinde Obergoms, +41 27 974 12 00