A game of tennis in the Alps – naturally in Goms, the mountain village

Sometimes, I am on your side. From time to time, I favour your opponent. I am the barrier. I conquer every ball. You cannot surpass me. I am completely in the middle. I make no move unless you outplay me. I welcome your topspin, cross, volley, forehand and backhand. I am your net.

To play tennis in the Alps is more exhausting than elsewhere. The balls travel less far. You are short of breath more quickly. Still, you will have fun and will not have to waive your favourite hobby during your holiday.


All the courts in the mountain village Goms are hard courts. Outside courts are located in Münster and Obergesteln. Indoor courts allow you chase after balls all-year and even in bad weather in Oberwald or Fiesch.


Location, village


Outdoor Recreational facility EFAM, Münster EFAM Münster, +41 79 395 69 15
Outdoor Hotel Hubertus, Obergesteln Hotel Hubertus, +41 27 973 28 28
Indoor Sports hall, Oberwald Gemeinde Obergoms, +41 27 974 12 00