Volleyball in the mountains – naturally in Goms, the mountain village

If you know what you are doing, there is a bang. If you don’t dodge, I will provide you with burning memories. I am pure joy for one team and frustration for the other. My biggest moment is the impact on the line. My worst enemy is the block. Hit me! I am the smash.

Volleyball and beach volley in the mountains? Of course, this is possible. Courts are provided at the swimming pool Reckingen, next to the playground in Blitzingen and at the recreational facility Münster. Even if the rush of the ocean is missing and the sand might be a bit rougher than at Copacabana or Bondi Beach: beach volley and volleyball are always fun, why not in the most beautiful valley in the Alps, in Goms?


Location, village


Volleyball Sports hall, Oberwald Gemeinde Obergoms, +41 27 974 12 00

Playground at Wiler Bodmen, Blitzingen

Obergoms Tourismus, +41 27 974 68 68 

Recreational facility (EFAM) Münster

EFAM Münster, +41 79 395 69 15

Beach volleyball Swimming pool, Reckingen Gemeinde Goms, +41 27 974 12 50