Nordic walking in Switzerland - naturally in Goms, the mountain village

I support you. Let me carry your burden. I can clear your path. Sometimes, I am rigid; sometimes, I am flexible. I fit smoothly into your hand. I facilitate your progress. I strengthen your upper body. I provide the rhythm of your stride. Do not leave me behind, for you will miss me. I am strong but not unbreakable. Keep me safe and I will be loyal for a long time. I am your Nordic walking pole.


The Obergoms Nordic walkers will find numerous trails of various difficulties. The routes are connected via the «Rottenweg» and invite you to a holistic walking experience.

  • Oberwald - Hungerberg (difficult, 4 km)
  • Oberwald - Hungerberg via Gerendorf (medium, 5.5)
  • Oberwald - Fiesch über Rottenweg (easy, 29 km)
  • Obergesteln via Gadestatt (medium, 9.5 km)
  • Obergesteln Ulrichen via Zum Loch (easy, 5 km)
  • Reckingen - Münster via Unnerberbel (easy, 8.7 km)
  • Reckingen - Münster via Merezenbach (medium, 11.5 km)
  • Blitzingen - Bellwald (medium, 10 km)





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