Running and jogging – naturally in Goms, the mountain village

Wear me out. Tread on me. Grind me. Drag me over passes. Tumble into the valley with me. Whip me to move along the narrow paths. Chase me over the asphalt. I am your running shoe. Get going!

The wide high valley of the mountain village Goms is the ideal spot for your running exercise: Satisfy your need for speed on along the Rhône trail or improve your technique and stamina on the mountain paths. Besides, at 1300 metres above sea level, the valley bottom is set in the perfect altitude to boost your performance without risking negative effects on your body.


Do you want to promote your overall fitness? 15 stations with many exercises are available for you. Create your personal training program to suit your mood, daily shape or training goal. Have fun!

The Vitaparcours in Ulrichen starts at the sports hall. On the course of about 2 km you train strength, endurance and agility.

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The «Sommer Gommerlauf» is the summer running highlight in Goms! The children and junior routes are one to six kilometres long. Adults can sign up for the 10.5 km-course or the half-marathon. The half-marathon is part of the “Oberwalliser Laufcup” (Upper Valais running cup) as well as the Walliser Berglauf Cup (Valais mountain running cup).

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