Bike tours in Switzerland – naturally in Goms, the mountain village

I slow down when necessary. Admit speed when it gives you a rush. I save you from scars. I protect others from my recklessness. If you are experienced, you make use of me diligently. If you are energetic, things can get heated. If you take good care of me, I will be faithful. What I do not like is stand still! For I am your bike brake.

Combining mountains and leisurely cycling? Do not worry. Everyone who is not exactly training for the Tour de France asks themselves the same question. However, the high valley of Goms provides the ideal conditions for cycling.


The Rhône Route 1 along the river Rhône is an ideal tour. Moreover, roundtrips on main and local roads in Goms are good alternatives. If you get tired, you can easily take a train from any village along the Matterhorn Gotthard Railway and ride back to your starting point. Besides, e-bikes allow even those of you who are not the sportiest of people to tackle a more challenging trip than a mere ride to the local store.


The alpine passes are alluring. To start off, the Nufenen, Furka and Grimsel Passes are more than worthwhile. Combine several destinations and it gets even better. Have you heard of the Alpenbrevet? The mountain village Goms is the perfect place to prepare for the legendary passes route. You «collect» passes to get certified. The most challenging route covers five passes (Nufenen, Lukmanier, Oberalp, Susten and Grimsel), a distance of 276 kilometres and an elevation change of 7000 metres. You can also choose to change the order and do Furka-Oberalp-Lukmanier-Nufenen or Grimsel-Susten-Gotthard-Nufenen or… Alright, easier written than done. You just need to see for yourself! Enjoy your trip!

One advise for the more relaxed travellers: You can conquer a pass by e-bike. Just be kind to those bikers who are not motorised… :-)