Exploring the passes from Goms

If you decide to explore the alpine passes by bike, countless possibilities await you. The mountain village Goms is a perfect starting point. What is great about all the options listed below: You can take a train back to your starting point almost anytime and anyplace. So if you get tired, just board a train from the Matterhorn Gotthard Railway.

  • Oberwald-Furka-Oberwald                                                                                     
  • Oberwald-Furka-Realp (take a train back)                                                     
  • Oberwald-Furka-Realp-Andermatt-Oberalp (take a train back)
  • Oberwald-Nufenen-Airolo-Gotthard-Hospental-Furka-Oberwald
  • Oberwald-Grimsel-Oberwald                                                                            
  • Oberwald-Grimsel-Innertkirchen-Susten-Göschenen (take a train back)
  • Oberwald-Grimsel-Innertkirchen-Susten-Göschenen-Furka-Oberwald
  • Oberwald-Grimsel-Innertkirchen-Susten-Göschenen-Gotthard-Airolo-Nufenen-Oberwald
  • Ulrichen-Nufenen-Ulrichen
  • Ulrichen-Nufenen-Gotthard-Andermatt (take a train back)
  • Ulrichen-Nufenen-Biasca-Lukmanier-Disentis (take a train back)
  • Ulrichen-Nufenen-Lukmanier-Disentis-Oberalp-Andermatt (take a train back)
  • Ulrichen-Nufenen-Lukmanier-Disentis-Oberalp-Andermatt-Furka-Ulrichen


The CyclingArena /St.Gotthard is the place to be for anyone aiming to reach great heights. The /St. Gotthard holiday region boests a unique, mythical landscape full of contrasts in a small area. A total of eight Alpine passes (Gotthard, Furka, Nufenen, Oberalp, Lukmanier, Susten, Grimsel, Klausen) are waitung for you to conquer them. And all this in the heart of Europe.

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Feel free to combine the most spectacular Alpine passes and tours with wonderful stop-off points and stage locations any way you like. Attractive tours and activities will make your stay a perfect experience.

You can select from the following passes: Furka, Gotthard, Grimsel, Klausen, Lukmanier, Nufenen, Oberalp and Susten

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