Roller skis and inline skates – naturally in Goms, the mountain village

Get me revved up. Keep me running. Get ahead. I want to cover long distances. I am looking forward to the airflow. Each scar makes me richer in experience. Get up, lazybones, I am a roller ski!

Roller skis and inline skates are the perfect summer alternative to cross-country skiing. If you do not want to miss out on the incomparable gliding experience, you get a chance to use rollers to cover the far-stretching and smooth paths of the beautiful landscapes that are the mountain village Goms. Fitness and pure joy are guaranteed!


Away from motorised traffic, a roller ski- and inline-course is set between Oberwald and Geschinen in the high valley of Goms. It covers a distance of seven kilometres. The former airfields near Ulrichen and Münster provide ideal conditions for undisturbed laps. If you want a challenge, you can also take a crack at one of the alpine passes.


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