The steam railway «Furka Bergstrecke» – naturally Goms, the mountain village

I am heavy and black; I hiss and spit. They thought I was unfit, an anachronism and devalued. I thought I was a thing of the past and my end was near. But I am still alive. I ride the iron tracks. I defy the heavy wind. I enrapture passengers. Children love me and some grown-ups become kids again when they see me. Ride me and you will lose track of time. Learn to see the world from a different point of view. I climb up mountains. I show you a panorama of the alpine passes. I get you close to the peaks. Let me astonish you! Just allow yourself the fun and get on board. Choo choo… I am a steam locomotive.

The mountain village Goms is a steam engine paradise. The steam railway Furka-Bergstrecke (DFB) is the highest steam railway in Europe, runs between Realp (1420 m. a. s. l.) and Oberwald (1368 m. a. s. l.) and crosses the Furkapass (2120 m. a. s. l.) along the way. Around 30.000 enthusiastic passengers get on the DFB every summer and autumn.

Looking back

In 1982, the DFB fell into hardship. After the Furka tunnel was opened, there was a plan to remove some of the mountain route Oberwald-Realp. However, private railway enthusiasts opposed that decision. In 1983, they founded the Furka-Bergstrecke Club, which has 8000 members today from all over the world. The same members volunteered to renovated the 18 km-route passage by passage as well as the summit tunnel on 2160 m. a. s. l. Even today, the members are responsible for the upkeep and the operation of the trains and tracks, and they fund part of the expenses with their contributions. In 1992, the first steam engine rode from Realp up to the summit tunnel. Starting in 2000, the trains rode all the way to Gletsch. In 2010, the last passage to Oberwald was reopened.


Our esteemed holiday guests benefit with their valid guest card on the steam train twice:

  • 20% discount on tickets
    With the valid guest card guests enjoy around the steam railway, a discount of 20% on the regular price. The reduced-price ticket on availability can be obtained only at the DFB Info Shop in Oberwald, the DFB station Gletsch and DFB station Realp.
  • Adventure «Rottenschlucht»
    The half-hour nostalgic train ride on the diesel lokomotive can be used for free with a valid guest card. The adventure «Rottenschlucht» invites you to a fun-filled trip to the historic settlement Gletsch with many sights.