BikeArena /St.Gotthard

The /St.Gotthard holiday region boasts a unique pass landscape and a single trail network in a small area that offers plenty of opportunities for adventure. You will rarely find this much natural and cultural diversity in such a small space. The Gotthard region is thus a perfect place for mountain bikers.


Free travel with the Matterhorn Gotthard Railway and PostAuto in the BikeArena /St.Gotthard starts at CHF 30.00.

The BikeArena /St.Gotthard is the place to be for anyone aiming to reach great heights. Bikers can have a field day with plentiful bike trails and alpine passes. There is plenty of time to really enjoy the experience. 


Whether you are hiking or cycling, you can enjoy every minute by having your luggage taken from one accommodation to the next in the Gotthard region. The experience is elevated to pure pleasure with nothing but the bare essentials in your rucksack. Even if you just have one piece of luggage you can have it transferred from any accessible accommodation in the /St.Gotthard holiday region for just CHF 38.00 incl. VAT per bag.