I was still called Buele in 1277. My new name Biel is much more to my liking, though. Just like Gluringen, Selkingen and Ritzingen, I used to be part of the district Grafschaft (“County”) and functioned as its historic principal village since 1374. My natural surrounding has hugely impacted my development and my population for centuries. The shortage of land forced people to build their houses really close together on the slope. Apart from that, the natural hazards defined my appearance: In 1827, half of me was destroyed by an avalanche. Since 2003, a dam has been protecting me from the vagaries of the Wallibach brook. By the way, modernity started soon here. Since 1915, the train station has secured my access to the whole wide world.

1317 metres above sea level, population < 60, MGB station, restaurant/mountain cottage: 2, holiday apartments, local store, cross-country ski trail, historico-cultural trail, ancient bakery