This place name does not refer to a single mountain village but a collection of hamlets. Since 1848, I am a community of Ammere, Bodme, Gadme and Wiler, which were first mentioned in the 14th century. My old village centre burnt down in 1932, so the destroyed church and the few houses had to be rebuilt in the “Heimat” style. The hamlets around me have been left almost untouched over the centuries. Diligent and knowing hands have maintained me. Three chapels and one church are a testimony of the spiritual life my inhabitants lead. The “Chastebiel” high above the village was once a place where people delivered the tithe. Today, it is said to be a place of power and provides an unforgettable view of the valley. One of my brooks functions as Switzerland’s longest natural Kneipp path. All these natural and cultural assets make me a proud part of the Nature Park Binntal.

1290 metres above sea level, population < 50, MGB station, hotel/guesthouse: 2 with 117 beds, restaurant/bistro: 3, holiday apartments, cross-country ski trail, hiking trails, chapel trail, natural Kneipp path