My name has changed. However, my village integrity has not been shaken up fundamentally over the past centuries. In a small hollow, you will find a close-knit set of houses as well as farming buildings. Once walking these narrow alleyways, you will lose track of time. Weger Baschi, one of my former residents, is a legendary figure. He is said to have been so strong that he could carry exhausted mules and their burden over the Goms passes. Truth or legend? I cannot quite remember… The old times, when people told horror stories under my roofs, are still present. Furthermore, the village of Geschinen exemplifies man’s ability to cope with natural hazards. My people availed themselves of the necessity to build an avalanche protection dam. They simply utilized Lake Geschinen – from where they took the building material – to create an attractive place for flora and fauna as well as a relaxing zone.

1353 metres above sea level, population < 80, MGB station, restaurant/café: 3, holiday apartments, cross-country ski trail, ski lift, sports shop, cultural trail, Lake Geschinen (Geschinersee)