Glaciers shaped me. Wind wore me out. Travellers have left their traces over the centuries. I am a cradle of tourism in the Alps. My visitors arrived on foot, with mules, by carriage and eventually by train and car. 1830 saw the construction of the first guesthouse. 150 years ago, the hotels Glacier du Rhône and Belvédère were built along the pass route. Hardly any other place in Goms offers so much on so little space: nature paradise of the glacier foreland, Rhône Glacier, ice cave, steam train, historical hotels, valuable knowledge around water, alpine agriculture and many more. I am Gletsch, where history of tourism and alpine nature come alive.

1759 metres above sea level, population < 10 in summer, hotel/guesthouse: 1 with 68 beds, nature trail, Gletschboden, Anglican church, Lambrecht’sche Wettersäule (old weather station), small hydropower plant