…an I am old. No-one in Goms is as old als me. The oldest finds in the area go back to the Hallstatt period (500 BC). Moreover, Celts and Romans left their traces. In 1225, I was first mentioned by the name of Requinguen but I was officially constituted as an independent village in 1266. In 2004, I merged with Gluringen. However, it was art that made me what I am today. My church (1743-45) is the most important religious building in the baroque style in the Upper Valais. Thanks to dynasties of sculptors, bell founders and organ builders, art from Reckingen is to be found in other places of Switzerland and even neighbouring countries. Many organ masters still rely on products from the organ builders from Reckingen. Arts and crafts are still of great importance to my people: sawmill, mill, bell foundry, bakery and washhouse are all worth your visit.

1316 metres above sea level, population < 320, MGB station, hotel: 3, camping, restaurant/mountain cottage: 5, holiday apartments, swimming pool, cross-country ski trail, discovery trail, local store, bank (Raiffeisen), butchery, bakery, museums, post office, tourist information, playground with barbecue area, village tour