I am part of the old Grafschaft (“County”). You probably know me because of my grand chapel situated in the middle of lush meadows, which makes me one the most popular photo location in Goms: the pilgrimage chapel “Our Lady on Ritzingerfeld”. Traces of former constructions go back to 1450. The modern shape of the chapel was built between 1600 and 1650. My houses stand on the southwest hillside, which is even sunnier than most of sunny Valais. Originally, most of these cottages belonged to craftspeople who cut tiles out of big logs of larch wood for the traditional wooden tiled roofs in Valais. This exhausting manual labour is still practiced in one workshop in Ritzingen. Have a look at this old craft. It is well worthwhile!

1328 metres above sea level, population < 100, hotel: 2 with 33 beds, restaurant: 1, camping: 1, holiday apartments, cross-country ski trail, historico-cultural trail