Why do some people know me as Grafschaft (“County”)? I used to be part of the bigger church community Münster together with Gluringen, Ritzingen and Biel. Then, my name was Disctrict Grafschaft, which is still my vernacular name today. The first time I was mentioned officially, was in 1374. Formerly, the people from Selkingen lived on the other shore of the Rhône as well. But later on, these early dwellers abandoned the small hamlets called Sechshäusern and Zeiterdorf. The population used to rely on Chapel Antonius located above the village to be saved from natural hazards such as avalanches and floods. After the year 2000, the dam became the new protection wall against the usually quite calm brook, the Wallibach. Take your time to visit my enchanting old houses, chapels and the ancient Norse mill.

1318 metres above sea level, population < 50, mountain hut: 1, holiday apartments, cross-country ski trail, historico-cultural trails, Norse mill