SchlafenEssen-Restauration Restaurant in the mountain village Goms – of points and pearls

I used to be modest. There was hardly any change. I never knew abundance. I have seen many hungry eyes. The most important thing is that I appear on the table. Today, I feature everything and I hail from all parts of the world. I am of local origin more and more often. I enhance your appetite. I am your meal in the mountain village Goms.

Boiled potatoes, potato soup… and fried potatoes for a change. This is what the menu used to look like in Goms. And today? Poor man’s food such as “Cholera” became a delicacy. Potatoes, formerly grown in every family’s garden, now are the ingredient of culinary works of art created by top chefs in Goms. Dairy products from Goms inspire the local cuisine and even pasta from Goms has an excellent reputation.


There is hardly any mountain region in Switzerland with a higher density of outstanding top chefs: The point-winning gastronomy in Goms enthrals gourmets well beyond our region. And the very best chefs stay loyal to their origins. They often rely on local and seasonal products. They prove to their guests that the best things are often from close-by.


Besides, there are hidden gems to be discovered. The excellent “Rösti” in a mountain hut, the exquisite piece of lamb from the stove, the especially charming waiter in the village pub, the creamy pie in the café around the corner. Is it not the best thing anyway to discover your personal secret dish yourself? Go out on a treasure hunt!