Erlebnis-Familie Family holiday in Switzerland – naturally in Goms, the mountain village

Turn me into a racing car. Or rather a spaceship? I could also be a sheep. Or a tiger. Most likely, I am a lorry. No, an excavator. It’s me, a bulldozer. Vrooommm! Your fantasy is key because, basically, I am an ordinary pine cone. Play with me!

If there was no mountain village Goms, they should invent it as family adventure park. What are the attractions?


Heaps of snow to be dug into. Branches carved into everything imaginable with the help of a pocket knife. Snowball fights that allow everyone to hit each other without risking punishment. Rocks to climb. Snow-clad slopes to slide down on your trousers. Caves to explore. Villages with hundreds of small corners to sneak into. Ancient trees telling stories. Enchanted walls that are slightly creepy. Wildlife to watch. Luckily, this park already exists. It is called mountain village Goms. Free entrance!


Moreover, kids do not need a program, they need free time. If the feel like it, they can spend their time with other kids on playgrounds, in recreational facilities, on the slopes, trails and runs, go on adventures, play and have fun. The mountain village Goms provides plenty of all of this – man-made as well as naturally. Have lots of fun with your kids!