Kids and water – where you will have the most fun

Explore me. Leave no stone unturned. Dig in the sand. Look for my residents. See where I come from. Find out where I lead. Sit in me. Dive in me. Or just drink me. It’s me, water.

Water is an ideal playground for children in the mountain village Goms.

But be careful: Not every brook is suitable for games. Even smallish streams are used for the power production and their water level can fall and rise very quickly. Take note of the warning signs. Here is where you do not have to worry about safety.


The eastern part of the lake is a wide habitat for various marsh plants and wildlife. The lake feeds birds and insects. The western part of the lake is used for swimming (19 degrees Celsius max). Guests can relax on the lawn or the beach and there is a barbecue area with benches and tables. There is a footpath along the lakeside which is accessible for baby carriages and wheelchairs as well. You can also enjoy a trip on a stand up paddle board or try out your fishing skills (you need a patent for that).


The swimming pool in Reckingen is one of the highest open air pools in Valais. No worries, though: The water is heated. The facilities include a paddling pool for children with a slide, a spring board, a splash shower, a beach volleyball court, ping pong tables and a kiosk.


Fun and unique nature experience await you on the ride in rubber boats on the Rhône. The ride will take you from Oberwald to Gluringen over quiet patches as well as wild passages where everyone needs to pull together. You can simply enjoy the views or you can get active during exciting games. The expert guides will see to the right balance. By the way: The tour is also suitable for children!